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The Gift of Khatam

Introducing our latest Khatam
feature in the Muslim Pro app.

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Our Ramadan Goal

Join Us to Reach 10,000 Quran Completions in Ramadan 2021

Muslim Pro is giving back to the community by contributing to a greater cause this year. We aim to reach 10,000 Quran completions in the Muslim Pro app for this year's Ramadan. Alhamdulillah, Muslim Pro has achieved over 30,000 Quran completions this Ramadan 2021.

We are extremely grateful for the unified support from our Muslim community. We would like to thank all our Brothers and Sisters who have embarked on their digital khatam journey with Muslim Pro.

We Can Give So Much More, Together

Muslim Pro is collaborating with UNICEF and Indonesia’s Islamic philanthropy organisation, Dompet Dhuafa, as our official charities. We have pledged to give corporate donations to both organisations to support children’s educational needs, in line with our Khatam Quran campaign goals and objective to send underprivileged Muslim children to school.

Dompet Dhuafa

But that’s not all.
We are collaborating with UNICEF to launch our first-ever crowdfunding effort to raise money for its Children in Yemen Appeal. Muslim Pro users can donate to UNICEF throughout Ramadan until the end of May to support the organisation’s emergency response and overall work to support the education of children in Yemen.

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You can save Ali and give him a better life in Yemen right now. Follow the story of Ali on our social media to see how your donations help to improve his current situation.

Be part of the change to help Ali recover from the impact of conflict and resume his childhood.


#Gift to Self

Get your closer to Allah SWT this Ramadan.

#Gift to Community

Connect in spirit with your friends and family.

#Gift of Education

For every "khatam", we aim to sponsor education for underprivileged children.

Khatam For You

Our Khatam feature will allow our users to start their own Khatam reading and be able to have the flexibility of setting their own deadline. Users will also have the option to use our app or read using a physical Quran. Users can also invite their friends and families from around the world to read the Quran together!

Stay Focused And Motivated

Users have the ability to track and view the progress of their Quran reading. The progress will be available when users log into their own Muslim Pro account. On top of that, users can view their history and be able to nudge others in their Quran reading groups to motivate them to read.

Rewards And Many More

Users are able to attain various achievement badges based on the milestones they reach in the Khatam feature. For each of the achievement badges, a small nugget of backstory will be available for users to be educated on the history and relation of the badges and Islam.